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TF Links - The best site for all things Transformers.
The - Great place to check forums for upto date TF info . - Box scans and alot of TF updates.
TFextreme - watch all kinds of TF episodes on the net.
Ravestrike's site - Stickers for your old Transformers
Rework's site - A great site to that helps you ID TF parts.
Radio Free Cybertron - Transformers Radio Broadcasts!!!
TF instruction scan page - Great library of TF instructions.
Photophile's TF page - Great site for videos and all kinds of TF toys Buy or Trade.
NeoBot Toys - Great place to buy parts. - Hasbro's official TF site.
Palmeiro's TF site - Great place to trade and buy TFs.
Threadabots TF and Gundam page - Great new fansite!! Check it out and join their Message Board.

Gundam links

Gundamofficial Page - Official Bandai Gundam page. - Gundam artwork, models, and chat.


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