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Optimus Prime - Gas pump
Hound - both back bumper parts with seats(diecast metal)
Prowl - right gray launcher, 2 missiles(slight chrome wear), gun(chrome wear)
Jazz - 2 missiles
Sideswipe - tech, instructions
Sunstreaker - 4 missiles
Trailbreaker - 1 missile, 1 twin blaster, left fist
Inferno - 2 missiles(chrome wear)
Blaster - tech
Slag - Instructions(Canadian)
Grimlock - tech
Sludge - tech, gun, gold missiles x3
Siren - helmet, large gun
Metroplex - Scamper body(no roof), Left fist
Skydive - gun
Warpath - tech
Beachcomber - tech(tech part painted red)
Raindance - both cannons
Grand Slam - one double cannon
Rewind or Eject - pair of chrome weapons


Starscream - Left wing, right tail fin and rudder, left rudder
Astrotrain - tech, instructions
Onslaught - small green chest piece
Hun-Grr - Right fist, gun
Wildrider - 2 double cannons
Snapdragon - gun
Trypticon - Single Laser Connector
Ravage - C7 shape(2 guns with chrme wear), pair of guns(chrome wear)
Laserbeak or Buzzsaw - gun
Frenzy - pair of chrome guns, tech
Rumble - pair of chrome guns
Overkill - gun(slight chrome wear)
Beastbox - gun(slight chrome wear), tech

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